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The Germanic Song Contest (short GSC) is an annual song competition created in 2018. The GSC is based on the Eurovision Song Contest. Every Nation can compete in the Contest. Orignally it was supposed to be a Contest, where every Song has to be in a Germanic language. This Idea was dropped and now there are no limitation for the Songs.

History of the GSC Edit

Year Date Host Winner Artist Song Points
2018 11. August 2018 Germany Germany Michael Schulte "Falling Apart" 221
2019 10. August 2019 Germany Austria One Voice Children's Choir "Rise" 236
2020 8. August 2020 Austria Switzerland Timebelle "Apollo" 289
2021 14. August 2021 Switzerland Poland Scala & Kolacny Brothers "Schrei Nach Liebe" 432
2022 13. August 2022 Poland France Indila "Dernière Danse" 247
2023 12. August 2023 France

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